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XCOM 2 Now Has Mercy From Overwatch Via Mod

by on September 22, 2017

Wouldn’t it be cool if an Overwatch character was put into XCOM 2? What character would it be if they did?

If there’s one thing the team at Fireaxis love, it’s mods. In fact, one of the things they tell gamers to do is make mods of their games, especially for XCOM, and XCOM 2 naturally. And players have been jumping at the opportunity to do so. One such mod brings a fan-favorite character from another big game into the title: Mercy from Overwatch.

This comes via the [WotC] Overwatch Mercy Squadmate mod (available now), and it brings the character into the War of the Chosen expansion. Though, if you want her in the main game, there’s a mod for that too.

Adding to the fun, there are nine different skins for Mercy in the mod, so you can make her shine like the angel you want, in the style you want.

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