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XCOM 2 Devs Talk Creation Of New Units For War Of The Chosen

by on September 14, 2017

XCOM 2 Recently got a major expansion of the game via the War of the Chosen Content. What you might be surprised to learn though is that the team worked very hard to deliver a truly unique experience in regards to the units that were made for the expansion. They wanted to “Fill Holes” in the gameplay and story and felt that these new factions needed to be more than just new bodies.

Team members Joe Weinhoffer and Scott Wittbecker noted in an interview on Steam that this was very important to them, and it led to some very fun creations:

“Joe W. Take the Templar, for instance. We wanted to make the Templar feel very different from the base game Psi Operatives, and one of the ways we achieved that goal was by giving them a unique visual manifestation of the psionic energy for their abilities. Traditional XCOM psionics are very organic and wispy in nature, reflecting the natural affinity of the Psi Operatives and their more utility-based abilities. The Templars have harnessed their power through the use of technology, and their attacks are much more offensive, so their psionic effects are more jagged, visceral, and electric.

Scott W. For me, though? I’ve got to say that the most interesting creation process was the Skirmishers. The biggest part narrative exploration being how much of their alien nature they would keep after being freed from ADVENT control. We wanted to convey a sense that the world is sort of “new” to them, they’re seeing and hearing things independently for the first time without ADVENT telling them how to interpret this information. It was also an opportunity to introduce more of the ADVENT language while also hinting at the intended meanings for some of the original [dialogue lines]. (For a detailed look at the how the language of ADVENT was created, check this story.”

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