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The Western Version Of Dragon Quest Heroes Comes With All DLC Free

by on September 14, 2015

It took quite a while for Sqaure-Enix to make up its mind on whether to localize Dragon Quest Heroes in the West or not — so long that by this point, all the DLC for the Japanese version of the game has been released. The good news for us is that, thanks to circumstances, we won’t have to pay.

When Dragon Quest Heroes releases in America this fall, all released content will be included on the disc — including the material that was DLC-exclusive in Japan. You’ll get it all, for the original price!

It won’t all be available at once, however. In this version the DLC content will be integrated into the main game and accessed at certain points. Once you reach a certain part of the main story, letters will start coming in through the in-game post office. Open them up to accept the extra material.

Some of the additional content is clothing; another is an additional playable character, but there are also entire side-stories that can be played. Several of these stories have you facing off against classic boss characters from Dragon Quest history.

You can get everything on one disc when Dragon Quest Heroes comes out October 13 in North America and October 16 in Europe, exclusively for Playstation 4.

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