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Better Not Let the ‘Werewolves of Camlorn’ in in This ESO Parody

by on October 20, 2014

Are you an excitable boy? Then maybe calm down just a bit before watching “Werewolves of Camlorn,” a tribute to one of The Elder Scrolls Online’s most dangerous enemies and Warren Zevon, one of rock-and-roll’s most dangerous troublemakers, and his hit “Werewolves of London.”

The parody song, by Tymmy Dangerously, is spot on, and it’s funny even if you don’t play ESO. We’ve all been menaced by werewolves in Skyrim, after all. But if you do play it, it’s packed full of references to that specific quest chain that’ll make you laugh so hard it’ll rip your lungs out, Jim.

Tymmy Dangerously says he plans to make more videos like this in the future, so we’ll keep an eye out.

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