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Watch The Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Trailer Here

by on January 15, 2016

Valkyria Chronicles is getting a much-needed rerelease…..in Japan, anyway. Sega has put out a new trailer for the game hyping its impending console jump to the Playstation 4.

You might be wondering if there’s going to be any real difference (they can’t “remaster it in HD” since the original PS3 game was in HD). Well, Sega says they’ll be enhancing the visuals by utilizing the more powerful PS4 hardware. They’ll also include all the DLC you had to originally buy separately, and add trophy support. The important thing is to make the first Valkyria game easier to find for anyone who hasn’t played this game yet.

And Sega has an ulterior motive: they’ll be releasing a brand-new chapter in the Valkyria series with Valkyria: Azure Revolution, and it would help sales if more people were familiar with the series. And to entice those who have already played the game, the remaster will include a Valkyria: Azure Revolution demo!

For now, this release is only scheduled for Japan. We’ll just have to watch the new trailer and dream.

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