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Veteran City of Ash Ash Titan Fight, Say That Five Times Fast

by on November 13, 2014

The latest The Elder Scrolls Online update added a ton of new content to the game, including the new Veteran City of Ash.

Elmuhaerte has posted a new video showing the epicness of one of the boss fights in this high level content, the Ash Titan.

Because this is the internet, however, and because elmuhaerte titled his video “How To” defeat the boss, the video itself is controversial.

Some folks on Reddit took issue with elmuhaerte’s brute force approach, even though there’s video evidence of it being successful. Some suggested more strategy in managing the boss’s attacks or more dodging from the tank to take the stress off the healer. Of course others jumped in to the say the simple approach worked for them as well.

So how would you do it? Discuss in our forums.

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