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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Confirmed For Physical US Release!

by on January 25, 2016

We’ve reported on this game several times, but we could never tell you for certain if Valkyria Chronicles was actually coming Stateside, nor what form it would take. Today Sega launched a trailer confirming its North American release this spring. Not only that, we actually get it in disc form! How lucky are we?

Sega says the PS4 version of Valkyria Chronicles will sport remastered hi-definition visuals. But wait a sec….If the original version of Valkyria Chronicles was on the PS3, then shouldn’t it have been in high definition to begin with? Well…technically it was, but due to the 2000’s processor it ran in 720p. This version will run in full 1080p. In addition, the game now has trophy support AND the option to select the original Japanese audio.

There’s more: It’s discounted at a cost half that of your typical PS4 game: $29.99. It will also come in a special fancy case, but only for those who buy first-run copies.

Sega will launch Valkyria Chronicles Remastered in the spring of 2016. When we have a more firm and exact release date, we’ll pass the word on.

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