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TGS Brings New Details On Ace Attorney 6

by on September 17, 2015

The sixth game in the Ace Attorney series was announced a couple months ago, and the press got to experience it firsthand today via a demo available at Tokyo Game Show.

There’s good news — that “Apollo Justice” joker is nowhere to be seen in this demo. Instead you’re playing as good ol’ Phoenix again, and this time, he appears to be in Maya’s country of origin: Kurain. Initially there on a visit, Phoenix’s child tour guide winds up accused of theft and murder, and only Phoenix can keep him out of prison.


Phoenix is the only one because nobody else in the country wants to stand up against who the plantiff has working for them: Princess Leifa Pandoma Kulain, one of the country’s most powerful spirit mediums (and apparently a lawyer on the side). She can use her powers to reproduce the events of the incident in a pool of water for the jury to observe. That would seem like irrefutable evidence, but Phoenix notices a few cracks in her interpretation of what she’s seeing….

Can Phoenix get the boy out of trouble? Will Phoenix be the star of the rest of the game or does he just appear in the opening tutorial case? And if he’s going to Maya’s home country, are we finally, FINALLY going to see our old friend Ms. Fey again?

Even if we don’t, there’s still this: Capcom also announced an Ace Attorney anime is entering production, and Maya is definitely a character in it.

A Western release for Ace Attorney 6 is likely, but that release being digital-only the way “Dual Destinies” was is also likely.

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