• ZeniMax Spruces Up ESO With New Patch ZeniMax Spruces Up ESO With New PatchThe Elder Scrolls Online has a new incremental patch out now. For such a big game, however, even an incremental patch is a monster.
    It shouldn’t, however, be a 12 GB monster. There was a bug that pushed it out in that large size. Instructions for dealing with that are here.
    The patch primarily fixes quests, adjusts monsters and makes audio improvements. The full patch notes are below.
    The Elder Scrolls Online v1.5.6 is an incremental patch that has addressed issues in Cyrodiil and a number of quests. We have also adjusted the health and power of monsters in dungeons scaled to at ...
  • Get the ESO Undaunted Equipment That’s Right For You Get the ESO Undaunted Equipment That's Right For YouThe Elder Scrolls Online’s fifth update recently added new “Undaunted” daily challenges with some sweet rewards, including armor and helms that’ll make you look like something from Where the Wild Things Are.
    As part of the Undaunted quests, players can earn gear by fighting bosses or by completing daily challenges, called “pledges,” that give you bronze, silver and gold keys depending on how you do on them. Gold is the best, of course.
    But what gear should you be shooting for? It depends on your class and role, but Tamriel Foundry has put up a nice guide to all of the Undaunted ...
  • Check Out Today’s ESO Live Check Out Today's ESO Livehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_uvZpt-9Uk
    A kindly YouTuber has helpfully captured today’s ESO Live Livestream for posterity, so peruse at your leisure. Get some insight into the game from ZeniMax staff and some hints about upcoming updates.
    On the agenda for the livestream we have:

    Fan creation showcase with 3D Environment Artist Karin LaPadula
    Interview with fan composer Armin Gutjahr
    Life at ZOS with Associate Systems Designer Chris Balser
    Upcoming community-run events
    ESO merchandise preview and newly-added items
    News recap and update

  • Dwemer Spheres the Latest ESO Loyalty Reward Dwemer Spheres the Latest ESO Loyalty RewardThe latest goodie for players have stuck with The Elder Scrolls Online for six months is – another vanity pet. Huh.
    At least it’s a cool one! The Dwemer Sphere started rolling out (sorry, couldn’t resist) this week. It follows you around and does Dwemery stuff and that’s neat and all. But we’re hoping we can get something more substantial for our loyalty soon.
    ZeniMax rolled the loyalty program out in September with another vanity pet, the High Hrothgar Wraith.  The loyalty rewards are only for those that have the required cumulative subscription time, but don’t worry. You haven’t missed out if ...
  • Elder Scrolls Online Still Coming to Consoles Elder Scrolls Online Still Coming to ConsolesZeniMax has gone so silent on the delayed PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online that you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’d been quietly canceled.
    But thanks to a plucky fan who can count to six and noticed that ZeniMax’s “six month” delay was nearly up with no news, we have a sign of life. ZeniMax responded on Twitter to say the console versions are still a thing.
    “Please rest assured: we are still hard at work on the console versions of #ESO and look forward to sharing more information soon!” the Tweet reads.
    No new date was given ...
  • Veteran City of Ash Ash Titan Fight, Say That Five Times Fast Veteran City of Ash Ash Titan Fight, Say That Five Times Fasthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dbL602E_HU
    The latest The Elder Scrolls Online update added a ton of new content to the game, including the new Veteran City of Ash.
    Elmuhaerte has posted a new video showing the epicness of one of the boss fights in this high level content, the Ash Titan.
    Because this is the internet, however, and because elmuhaerte titled his video “How To” defeat the boss, the video itself is controversial.
    Some folks on Reddit took issue with elmuhaerte’s brute force approach, even though there’s video evidence of it being successful. Some suggested more strategy in managing the boss’s attacks or more dodging from the ...
  • I Saw a Cute Plush Mudcrab For Sale the Other Day, Horrible Creatures I Saw a Cute Plush Mudcrab For Sale the Other Day, Horrible CreaturesAdmit it, when laid eyes on your first filthy, obviously smelly, muck eating mudcrab, all you could think was, “I want to snuggle with that.” And then it attacked you, of course.
    Well, now you can do your snuggling. Gaming Heads has made a cute plush mudcrab you can call your very own. Even better, if you play The Elder Scrolls Online, it comes with a code for a free mudcrab vanity pet.
    Your own mudcrab costs $19.99. You can buy it here. Happy snuggling.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Update Squashes Bugs From Last Update Elder Scrolls Online Update Squashes Bugs From Last UpdateThe most recent patch to The Elder Scrolls Online was massive, adding a new city, Undaunted daily quests, new facial animation and tons of gameplay tweaks.
    So of course it introduced a few gremlins of its own. ZeniMax Online Studios tried to push out a patch yesterday addressing some of those. Unfortunately, there was an error in the process and an older version of the patch which didn’t contain all the fixes was applied. ZOS said in a blog post it intends to try again on Thursday morning to complete the patching process.
    Here are the full patch notes or the patch ...
  • ESO Update 1.5.2 Adds Scaling, New City, Dailies, and Better Facial Animation Today ESO Update 1.5.2 Adds Scaling, New City, Dailies, and Better Facial Animation TodayZeniMax Online Studios has confirmed that the latest update to The Elder Scrolls Online will be out today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. The new update brings some big changes to the game including a new Veteran City, Ash, better facial animation, chat bubbles and Undaunted daily quests.
    Here are the enormous patch notes. Get somewhere comfy and pour yourself a nice cup of tea, this will take a while.

    Veteran City of Ash
    Join an Undaunted expedition to assault the Deadlands, realm of the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. Veteran City ...

  • There’s a Monster Mash Coming in The Elder Scrolls Online There's a Monster Mash Coming in The Elder Scrolls Online
    The Elder Scrolls Online is adding some spooky helms, the better to scare the crap out of people, in its upcoming update. ZeniMax recently released a new pic of them, which you can see above.
    The helms are tied to the upcoming Undaunted Dailies, new quests for level 45 plus that require you to clear a specific group dungeon each day. There are regular and veteran Undaunted Dailies, so you can do two each day.
    They give Undaunted reputation and keys that can be used to open Undaunted chests. You get bronze or silver keys for regular dailies, silver or gold for ...