• Elder Scrolls Online Team Says It Is Still Working on Bot Issue The Edler Scrolls Online Showdown
    It’s no secret that The Elder Scrolls Online is plagued by bots. Bots farming bosses and gold and generally getting in the way and breaking immersion. At one point game director Matt Firor said bots and other black market activity accounted for up to 85 percent of customer service complaints. The video linked above shows how annoying it can be.
    In a blog post today, the ESO team said it is working on measures to combat the invasion.
    “We currently find bots that are farming and remove them from the game as quickly as possible. We’re always looking at other methods to ...
  • Unfortunate ESO Glitch is Unfortunate, Hilarious The Elder Scrolls Online Cooking Glitch
    This should just be The Elder Scrolls Online characters cooking and eating, but some bad placement makes it into something else entirely. Don’t watch this at work, if you’re the kind of person who watches video game videos at work and I would have to assume that in itself is a no-no.
  • Console Versions of The Elder Scrolls Online Delayed Six Months Console Versions of TESO delayedIf you were waiting to play The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles in June, you’re going to have to wait a lot longer. Bethesda has confirmed that the console versions have been delayed six months.
    Bethesda released this official statement on the Xbox One and PS4 versions today:
    “We continue to work on the console versions of ESO, and game development has been progressing steadily, but we are still working to solve a series of unique problems specific to those platforms. Integrating our systems with each console manufacturer’s networks — which are both different from the PC/Mac system as well as different ...
  • The Elder Scrolls Online’s First Emperor Speaks The Elder Scrolls Online Emperor
    Theelderscrollsonline.com has an interview with the first player to be crowned “Emperor” in the game, an impressive feat that requires dominating the Alliance War and the leaderboards, but at least you get a sweet set of custom armor.
    The first Emperor is Morkulth, an Altmer sorcerer from the Entropy Rising guild. Morkulth’s strategy for becoming an Emperor involved lots of help from Entropy Rising and PRX, lots of time invested, and lots of trail mix to get him through long gaming sessions.
    “I prepared by having lots of trail mix at hand if the fight was to go into the late hours ...
  • The Three Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailers Make One Awesome Short Film TESO Cinematic TrailerThe guys at Kotaku point out that if you watch all three The Elder Scrolls Online Trailers in a row, they make a longer-form 15-minute animated movie. So, let’s do that.


    That’s was interesting. It’s certainly not seamless, but any excuse to check out these beautiful trailers by Blur Studio again is worth making.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Lore, In Compressed Form Molag Bal Lore in a Minute
    Got a minute? Then that’s enough time to catch up on the lore of The Elder Scrolls Online with this cool video. Relive all the shenanigans that led up to you losing your soul, and why you, and about a million other like you, are the only hope to stop Molag Bal.
  • Messing Around With The Elder Scrolls Online Emotes emoteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfzWOT0frX8
    If you’re playing around with Emotes in an MMORPG you, almost by definition, have nothing better to do. But they can be occasionally useful, and at least fun to try out when you’re waiting for a guildmate or something. The Elder Scrolls Online has 172 for you to try.
    Here’s a look at some of the more fun ones from IGN. Bonus points for featuring a kitty, uh, I mean Khajiit.
    If you want to check out the Emotes in animated form, there’s a huge list here:
  • Bethesda Endorses Player-Created Trading Solution for TESO The Elder Scrolls Online EmperorAs you might have noticed, The Elder Scrolls Online has no auction house. But that’s not going to stop players who want to trade, so a fan solution has sprung up.
    The fansite TESO Elite has established a marketplace and set of rules for safe trading. Well, safer trading. Nothing is guaranteed in MMO trading. I learned this the hard way, as a young noob, the first time I tried to trade in Everquest 14 years ago and got ripped off.
    But the guidelines set up by the fans seem sensible and there’s a promise of community moderation and feedback, so it ...
  • Are You Willing to Pay Separate Subscription Fees For Each Version of The Elder Scrolls Online? The Elder Scrolls Online SiegeUnless you’re some kind of bling-covered Richie Rich gamer, looks like you’re going to have to pick a version and stick with it when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online.
    According to Crave Online, each version of The Elder Scrolls Online will require a separate subscription fee, so those that are playing it on PC will have to pay more to check it out on consoles and vice-versa. If this is the case when the console versions launch in June, it’ll be kind of a bummer for PC gamers that have friends that only play on those.
    The info comes from ...
  • Harry Partridge Goes Back to Tamriel in Funny New Animation Back to Tamrielhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMRSRyYZtuk
    Animator Harry Partridge has focused on The Elder Scrolls before, with videos like The Adventures of the Dovahkids, so fans were clamoring for him to take on The Elder Scrolls Online. And now he has, with a new video that pokes mostly affectionate fun at the melding of Elder Scrolls lore and MMORPG mechanics.