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It’ll Be One Tamriel For All In Elder Scrolls Online This Fall

by on August 24, 2016

Next week an update will hit Elder Scrolls Online that will seem to do nothing. Its real purpose will be activated this fall….sometime within October, “One Tamriel” will become effective policy in ESO. One Tamriel means that anyone, no matter what level they are or how much experience they’ve racked up, will be able to journey anywhere they wish in the game world. To make this possible, their characters will be automatically scaled and balanced for the appropriate area they’re in.

The same day One Tamriel is implemented, look for these other updates as well:

  • a redesigned Craglorn that will no longer require a group to play. Group quests will be scaled to as few as two players to give the experience to everyone
  • item sets will be tied to specific dungeons and locations and will scale to a player’s level
  • dueling will be added
  • holiday events will be coming, the first being the Witches Festival in October. Each will come with unique rewards
  • Crown Crates

These updates will be free. One Tamriel becomes law this October.

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