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Final Fantasy 14 And Yo-Kai Watch Collide

by Peter Paltridgeon April 29, 2016
Why are there weird ghost creatures roaming around the countryside of Square’s most recent MMO? Yo-Kai is why. Square-Enix and Level-5 Games announced today they’ve arranged for a little crossover. Characters from Level-5’s Yo-Kai Watch, huge in Japan, will be appearing in Final Fantasy XIV as minions (creatures you can keep as pets in the […]

Nintendo Bringing Yokai Watch Worldwide

by Peter Paltridgeon April 7, 2015
Level 5’s Yokai Watch series of handheld video games has been extremely hot stuff in Japan, and given what a similar pattern it is to the way Pokemon blew up, you’d think a localization would have happened sooner than 2015. But Yokai Watch is also much more Japanese than anything else aimed at kids that’s […]