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Square Issues Forth New Streaming Restrictions Everybody Will Ignore

by Peter Paltridgeon October 14, 2015
Watching livesteams of video games has become the hobby du jour for a generation, and game companies have noticed. Western publishers have recognized the publicity value and put Twitch functionality into their own menus. Japanese publishers….have reacted a bit differently. A representative of Square-Enix shared their new set of streaming guidelines with Kotaku today. Among […]

“Twitch Plays Pokemon” Finally Catches Them All

by Peter Paltridgeon March 24, 2015
For the uninitated or those who were in a coma in 2014, “Twitch Plays Pokemon” is an interactive version of the game series that is controlled by the Twitch chatroom window. Users enter commands like “left” and “up” to simultaneously play the game at once. It’s chaotic and messy, but that’s the appeal, especially when […]


TESO Takes On QuakeCon

by Shawn Hopkinson July 16, 2014
QuakeCon starts tomorrow in Dallas, Texas. Now, although you might reason that this is a con for people to sit around play Quake, and only the original Quake (it’s not called Quake 2 con after all), it’s not. ZeniMax now owns Quake creator Id software and QuakeCon, so expecting to see Elder Scrolls stuff there […]