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New Total War: Warhammer Race Leaked, Beastmen Coming

by Todd Blackon July 15, 2016
A leak on Reddit has revealed that the Beastmen will be coming to Total War: Warhammer in the next few weeks. The reveal trailer, which has not been officially released yet, can be seen below. The trailer notes that the Beastmen will be coming to the game on July 28. The first “gameplay reveal” will be released […]

Total War: Warhammer Gets Blood Knights Via Free Update

by Todd Blackon July 3, 2016
Total War: Warhammer has gotten its first true update. In this update, new improvements are made, heroes have been tweaked, and new characters are available to battle with. A page for the notes of the update details everything that one can expect from it. But here are the main points: “Update 1 is designed to add polish, increase […]

New Let’s Play Show Total War: Warhammer DLC Final Battle

by Todd Blackon June 10, 2016
Despite beliefs to the contrary, video game developers do post official Let’s Plays of their titles. Often with a specific purpose or goal. Whether it be to highlight a specific story element, show off gameplay, or just impress, they do do them. For SEGA and Creative Assembly, and their title Total War: Warhammer, they decided to release […]

Sega Gives Sales Numbers For Total War: Warhammer

by Todd Blackon June 4, 2016
In a statement, Sega has announced (and is confirmed by numerous sites including Gamingbolt) that their recent title Total War: Warhammer has become the largest Total War game to sell on Steam, with over 500,000 units sold since launch, and that number has likely grown since then. Arguably more important though, the game averages around […]