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Skryim, Modded Until Reality Goes Mad

by Shawn Hopkinson March 16, 2015
The unofficial motto of Skyrim has become “mod it, until it breaks.” Videogamedunkey pushes that about as far as he can go in this funny video, and although he manages to do it with crashing his machine on camera, the threads of logic and sanity that hold the game together eventually pop with a quiet […]
Thomas The Tank Engine, Really Useful Dragons Skyrim Mod

Thomas The Tank Engine Teaches Fear in New Skyrim Mod

by Shawn Hopkinson December 13, 2013
Is there anything more likely to make an adventurer in Skyrim soil his armor than a distant, but drawing ever closer, dragon roar? How about a cheerful toot? That’s what Polarexpresswiz, the mad genius behind the Really Useful Dragons mod thought. The mod replaces the dragons of Skyrim with Thomas the Tank Engine and other […]