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Last Of Us Part II Writer Talks Inspiration For His Stories

by Todd Blackon March 3, 2018
What inspires the writers of The Last Of Us to do better stories? What motivates them? One of the biggest things for writers in any medium is to find inspiration for what they want to write, as well as the desire to tell a special story. This is very true for Neil Druckmann, the creative […]

The Last Of Us 2 Gets Valentine’s Day Cards

by Todd Blackon February 16, 2018
Did Naughty Dog do anything for Valentine’s Day? Something Last of Us related maybe? The Last Of Us Part 2 has been causing quite the stir the last two times it’s been viewed, and so you’d think that with Valentine’s Day, the team at Naughty Dog would mellow out. Turns out, not so much, for […]