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The Elder Scrolls Online Siege

Are You Willing to Pay Separate Subscription Fees For Each Version of The Elder Scrolls Online?

by Shawn Hopkinson April 14, 2014
Unless you’re some kind of bling-covered Richie Rich gamer, looks like you’re going to have to pick a version and stick with it when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online. According to Crave Online, each version of The Elder Scrolls Online will require a separate subscription fee, so those that are playing it on […]

Take a Look at Craglorn, TESO’s First Big Content Update

by Shawn Hopkinson April 7, 2014
Even as players are just starting to dive into The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax is showing off its first big content update, Craglorn. Craglorn is an adventure zone that’s described by TESO Creative Director Paul Sage as “the next piece of the veteran gameplay pie.” It’s designed to provide challenging quests for four players veteran […]

TESO Siege

Will The Elder Scrolls Online Be Worth the Money?

by Shawn Hopkinson April 1, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online is only a few days away from the official launch April 4, and that’s the question people are still asking. Bethesda is still defending its choice to go with a subscription model. Bethesda’s Global Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Pete Hines, recently told Games.On.Net that the decision to charge […]