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Someone Built A Giant AT-AT In Fallout 4

by Peter Paltridgeon December 14, 2015
You know what time it is. ‘Tis the season to be oversaturated in Star Wars junk. YouTuber Ops-Specialist has created this seasonally appropriate giant Star Wars AT-AT from the Battle of Hoth, using the settlement tools in Fallout 4. It’s big enough to live inside. In the video below, you can watch Ops climb up […]

Marvel and Star Wars Characters Could End Up in Kingdom Hearts III

by Shawn Hopkinson December 2, 2014
One silver lining to the House of Mouse buying up everything in sight is that at least it’s easier for some of our dream mashups to happen. We’ve seen Marvel characters interacting with Disney characters in Disney Infinity, and now Tai Yasue, co-director and game designer of Kingdom Hearts 3, has hinted Disney’s Star Wars, […]