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Skyrim’s Mod Support On PS4 Is A Letdown

by Peter Paltridgeon October 31, 2016
If you’re just now joining us, here’s a recap: Skyrim Special Edition was announced for consoles and the PC. Then the surprise announcement was made that the XBox One version would support mods, just like the PC version does. All heads then shifted to Sony to see how they’d react, and at first the answer […]

Fix On The Way For Skyrim’s Compressed Audio

by Peter Paltridgeon October 30, 2016
Those who have been playing the newly-released Skyrim Special Edition with headphones on the PC may have noticed some sound effects seem more janky than usual. After multiple users confirmed on Reddit they had the same problem, user LasurArkinshade looked into the code and found that, for an unknown reason, the sound files in the […]

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Skyrim Remaster Will Be “As Next Gen As Possible”

by Peter Paltridgeon June 24, 2016
To those who’ve been assuming that the port of Skyrim to current-gen systems like the PS4 and XBox One will just contain the regular-looking game at a higher framerate, think again. Bethesda is aiming to bring Skyrim on par with current graphical standards — or at least as close as they can get. As Bethesda’s […]