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TESO Wrothgar

New Zones, Armors, and Gameplay Tweaks Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online

by Shawn Hopkinson July 24, 2014
We’ve already talked about the new crime and punishment system coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, but more was announced at last week’s Future of The Elder Scrolls Online QuakeCon panel. was there, and took obsessively complete notes. Some highlights: The Imperial City : You can see the zone in the video embedded above. […]
The Elder Scrolls Justice

Crime Must Pay The Penalty in Upcoming TESO Update

by Shawn Hopkinson July 21, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online Team showed off a new crime and punishment system coming to the game, a system that will feel pleasantly familiar to Skyrim players. At this point in the game Tamriel is a bit of a socialist hippy commune. There are items lying around that just anyone can take, apparently community owned. […]

The Elder Scrolls Online is Now Available on Steam

by Shawn Hopkinson July 17, 2014
Kicking off QuakeCon, this week’s celebration of all things id and also ZeniMax, is the announcement that The Elder Scrolls Online will finally be available on Steam, the popular digital games platform. Both the standard and Imperial editions will be available through Steam. To celebrate the addition the game will be 50 percent off through […]

TESO Takes On QuakeCon

by Shawn Hopkinson July 16, 2014
QuakeCon starts tomorrow in Dallas, Texas. Now, although you might reason that this is a con for people to sit around play Quake, and only the original Quake (it’s not called Quake 2 con after all), it’s not. ZeniMax now owns Quake creator Id software and QuakeCon, so expecting to see Elder Scrolls stuff there […]