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Skyrim Hills

Skyrim Piano Medley Will Brighten Your Day

by Shawn Hopkinson June 17, 2014
Are there pianos in Skyrim? I’ve never seen one. If not, that’s sad, because Skyrim citizens will never get to hear this lovely piano medley of Skyrim music by Thomas Klungland. Skyrim music is one of the things that most evokes the emotion of the game for me, and Klungland has captured it here, albeit […]
Skyrim in Amsterdam

Skyrim Gets Funky in the Netherlands

by Shawn Hopkinson May 7, 2014
It’s always fun to see how Skyrim has influenced people all over the world. This is just your average crazy Amsterdam party featuring something called the Headhunterz, until the three minute mark, when things get very Skyrim all of a sudden. Even if you don’t like this type of music, check that part out.


The Elder Scrolls Online Enlists Malukah For Beautiful Bard Songs

by Shawn Hopkinson February 27, 2014 has a nice long post about the music in The Elder Scrolls Online, which is particularly relevant since it was promised that there will be more music in this weekend’s beta. There’s lots of info in the post about the music design, including live music elements that will eventually be added to the final […]
Skyrim Forge Picture

A Song for Smithing as Skyrim Burns

by Shawn Hopkinson January 24, 2014
For all of those who’ve felt the seductive call of the forge and the iron dagger, Redditor t4br1s recently uploaded an original song that might make you chuckle. “Anvilporn (The Skyrim Smithing Song)” is  a lighthearted look at the absurdity of spending hours at a forge upgrading your smithing skill while dragons tear through the […]