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Beyond Skyrim Opens Up the Rest of Tamriel

by Shawn Hopkinson January 8, 2015
Bethesda’s blog has an in-depth interview with Will Smith, one of the modders from the Dark Creations Team that has been working for three years on the ambitious Beyond Skyrim mod. Beyond Skyrim seeks to make other areas of Tamriel available in the Skyrim engine, including Cyrodiil and High Rock. “Beyond Skyrim is a series […]
Modded Skyrim

Skyrim Straight vs. Skyrim Modded

by Shawn Hopkinson September 9, 2014
How much can you change Skyrim before it just isn’t the same game any more? I think we’re pushing that limit with mods, as this video from JustinJNB shows. Justin is showing off the differences between “vanilla” Skyrim and a Skyrim modded within an inch of its life. The modded version is certainly more lush […]

Skyrim Just Keeps Getting Prettier, Thanks to Modders

by Shawn Hopkinson June 26, 2014
This latest version of the Skyrim RealVision ENB is pure porn. The graphics have been tuned up so much by this series of modifications that it looks almost like a new game. If people want to keep shining up Skyrim indefinitely, I’m down for it. This new trailer for the ENB does a brilliant job […]
Skyrim Memory Patch

The ‘Sky is the Limit’ with the Skyrim Memory Patch, Just Don’t Crash

by Shawn Hopkinson January 20, 2014
Want to look out into a more beautiful Skyrim horizon? Install more mods at once? Have more characters onscreen? The Skyrim Memory Patch, which was recently uploaded to the ENB forums, can do that and more by removing some of Skyrim’s last-generation memory limits. Okay, maybe it will also destroy your savegames and fry your […]