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ESO’s Last Loyalty Rewards Are Freaky Sheogorath Costume, He-Man’s Battle Cat

by Shawn Hopkinson February 12, 2015
If you’ve been a loyal Elder Scrolls Online subscriber since the game launched, ZeniMax has new rewards for you before it closes its loyalty program for good. First up for the nine month reward, you’re in for an, uh, I’m actually not sure. Depends on how much you like creepy stuff. That’s because the first […]
Dwemer Sphere

Dwemer Spheres the Latest ESO Loyalty Reward

by Shawn Hopkinson November 19, 2014
The latest goodie for players have stuck with The Elder Scrolls Online for six months is – another vanity pet. Huh. At least it’s a cool one! The Dwemer Sphere started rolling out (sorry, couldn’t resist) this week. It follows you around and does Dwemery stuff and that’s neat and all. But we’re hoping we […]