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TESO Press Preview

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta This Weekend, Comes With Free Monkey

by Shawn Hopkinson February 25, 2014
Yep, as many suspected, The Elder Scrolls Online Beta is back on for this weekend. And as a special twist you can invite a friend to join in the fun. If you’ve signed up for the beta check your inboxes for invites. According to a post on you might find one not just for […]
The Elder Scrolls Online Announces New Beta Invites

The Elder Scrolls Online Sends New Round of Beta Invites

by Shawn Hopkinson January 8, 2014
Check your e-mail, and your spam folder, too, because The Elder Scrolls Online team just sent out a new round of beta invites. According to a post on, the new invites were recently sent out to registered e-mail addresses of those that signed up for the beta. The post warns that the invites might […]