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Fallout 3

Watch Fallout 3 Beaten in Under 24 Minutes

by Shawn Hopkinson July 1, 2014
I personally spent close to 100 hours exploring the Capital Wasteland if Fallout 3, so seeing this guy do it in 23 minutes and 55 seconds is both impressive and a little sad, because he runs by so much cool stuff. I’m sure, however, to get good enough to do this he must have played […]
Skyrim Half Werewolf

Funny Skyrim Glitch: Bizarre Twisted Manwolf

by Shawn Hopkinson June 25, 2014
The YouTuber here must have really, really pissed off Hircine. He tried to become a Werewolf, but got trapped in this freakish, glitchy form that’s a little more man than werewolf. The glitched form can use weapons, although not very well, do shouts, and can wear armor if you don’t mind some nightmare fuel. One […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Cooking Glitch

Unfortunate ESO Glitch is Unfortunate, Hilarious

by Shawn Hopkinson May 9, 2014
This should just be The Elder Scrolls Online characters cooking and eating, but some bad placement makes it into something else entirely. Don’t watch this at work, if you’re the kind of person who watches video game videos at work and I would have to assume that in itself is a no-no.