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Square-Enix’s Full Conference List For GDC 2016

by Peter Paltridgeon March 9, 2016
If you want to find out the tiniest, most technical details of game development, the Game Developers Conference is one place you can hear a lot about it. Square’s development team will be holding a series of discussions at this year’s GDC, covering the behind-the-scenes work of nearly all their recent titles, even Lara Croft […]
The Elder Scrolls Online Siege

Designing the Needy NPCs of The Elder Scrolls Online

by Shawn Hopkinson March 18, 2014
So how do you make NPCs in a game as big as an Elder Scrolls game act in ways that don’t creep out the player? We’ve all seen what can go wrong when Skyrim NPCs glitch out, so we know the answer is “very carefully.” But  Mike Junbluth, an animator who has worked on The Elder Scrolls […]