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FFXIII’s Lightning Being Used To Sell Purses In Japan

by Peter Paltridgeon December 28, 2015
The character of Lightning was never very popular in America or anywhere else outside of Japan, but that sure didn’t stop Square from making two extra games out of FFXIII, one of which was entirely about Lightning and no one else. The reason? Well….she was fairly popular in her home country. Enough so that she’s […]

FFXIII Playable On Japanese Smartphones

by Peter Paltridgeon April 10, 2015
Yes, you read those roman numerals right, “13.” It wasn’t that long ago you needed high-end equipment to run such a graphics-heavy game. How does it work? The cloud, that’s how. A remote server does the heavy computing work and beams the results to any iOS or Android smartphone in Japan that holds the proper […]