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Enderal, The Biggest Skyrim Mod Of Them All, Comes This July

by Peter Paltridgeon June 27, 2016
There are mods, and then there’s Enderal, which promises to be the closest thing you can get to an actual Skyrim sequel without being one. It’s going to feature a new overworld and story, as well as new gameplay mechanics — all unique. The mod, first announced in 2013, took over three years to create. […]

Skyrim is Radically Remade as a New Game in Enderal Total Conversion Mod

by Rebecca Seymannon February 18, 2015
Enderal is an ambitious total conversion mod for Skyrim that seeks to graft a completely new game, with a new story, locations and enemies, onto the Skyrim engine. As you can see from the video above, only hints of Skyrim are recognizable in the final project, with the whole thing taking on a different look […]