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mother 3

Mother 3 Rumors Running Rampant

by Peter Paltridgeon February 5, 2016
There have been rumors, but nothing like this. Everyone seems to be certain we’re just one announcement away from confirmation that Nintendo is putting out Mother 3, aka the third Earthbound title, officially in English on the Virtual Console. Unlike every other irresponsible news outlet on the Web, we’re not going to say to your […]
shigesato itoi

Shigesato Itoi Will Never Ever Ever Make Mother 4, Ever

by Peter Paltridgeon November 23, 2015
In this business, we’re used to any brand with even the slightest cultural following getting sequel after sequel. If the latest game is bad, who cares? We’ll just put all our hopes on the game that comes after it. Movies and TV shows don’t work this way; only video games do. Earthbound, however, was not […]

NES EarthBound Beginnings Coming To Wii U, Apocalypse Imminent

by Peter Paltridgeon June 14, 2015
What was it the doomsayers said? First Nintendo will release the original EarthBound for NES, then blood will rain from the sky, then frogs will start leaping out of our toilets…..well, check your health insurance policy now, because the first sign has arrived. It’s not Mother 3, but it’s two Mothers removed and close enough. […]