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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Adds Vayne

by Todd Blackon April 28, 2018
Any new characters coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? If so, who? Dissidia Final Fantasy NT hasn’t made as big a splash as some people felt it would, but Square Enix isn’t giving up on it, not by a long shot. They’re adding new characters to it, and now, we’ve gotten one of the villains from Final […]

Will Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Become An eSport?

by Todd Blackon April 13, 2018
How has response been to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Are there plans to bring competitions centered around it? Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was meant to be a major reboot for the beloved fighting game series, especially since its the first console release for the franchise. However, despite the buildup and hype, Square Enix has noted that […]