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What Should Blizzard Improve When Making Diablo IV?

by Todd Blackon December 26, 2017
If Diablo IV gets made, how should it be made better? What advancements from II and III should be taken into consideration? Diablo is an interesting franchise in terms of success. Diablo II was a juggernaut, and is praised to this day. Diablo III is very divisive, and has left fans desperate for something new. […]
Diablo III - Malthael

Who Might Be the Final Boss Of Diablo IV?

by Todd Blackon December 10, 2017
Should Blizzard Make Diablo IV, what would be the main villain? Who is left in the universe to fight? The Diablo universe has a complex web of characters that we meet throughout the story. And through the first three games and expansions, it’s led to some very interesting encounters. But, with fans wanting to get […]

Will There Ever Be A Diablo IV?

by Todd Blackon December 10, 2017
Is Diablo IV ever truly coming? If so, when? Diablo IV is a game that has been on the minds of many gamers, even though the game itself has not been confirmed to be coming. In fact, Blizzard seems almost adamant to continue making content for Diablo III, much to the chagrin or many gamers […]