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Darksiders 3 Will Let You Pick The Bosses You Fight

by Todd Blackon October 14, 2018
What kind of boss fights will Darksiders 3 have? Will there be many? Darksiders 3 has been a long time coming, and the team at THQ Nordic have worked to make sure that it’s very different than previous Darksiders games. Including apparently the ability to choose when you fight certain bosses, if you fight them at […]

Biomutant and Darksiders 3 May Be Delayed

by Todd Blackon May 26, 2018
What’s going on with THQ Nordic? Any update on their games Biomutant and Darksiders 3? THQ Nordic seemed to be on a roll, they were making several big titles that could all released in 2018 or really close to it. Instead, Metro Exodus has been delayed, and THQ Nordic has noted that Biomutant and Darksiders […]

Darksiders 3 Coming In August?

by Todd Blackon April 5, 2018
When is Darksiders 3 coming? Could it be soon? Darksiders as a franchise almost died when THQ went under, but THQ Nordic has kept it alive, and as such, Darksiders III is coming. But outside of a few tidbits, there hasn’t been much news or expansion upon what we know. However, a listing in EB […]