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TESO Anchor Guardian

Check Out The Creatures of The Elder Scrolls Online

by Shawn Hopkinson March 10, 2014
IGN recently posted a cool video showing the various creatures you can meet and beat in The Elder Scrolls Online. Giants, wolves, and atronachs. Oh my! Please imagine me saying “Oh my!” in a George Takei voice. The video also provides a glimpse of how the combat plays out. Sign up for future beta events […]

See the Savage Beasts of the Skywind Mod in New Trailer

by Shawn Hopkinson January 22, 2014
What, you want another gorgeous Skywind trailer? Okay. Try not to drool, I heard that was bad for keyboards. Creatures and water effects are looking especially spiffy in “Savagery,” the latest trailer from the Skywind team. Skywind is an ambitious upcoming Skyrim mod that seeks to update Morrowind to use the Skyrim engine. The mod […]