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Shadow Realms

BioWare Announces Co-op RPG Shadow Realms

by Shawn Hopkinson August 13, 2014
BioWare’s next big RPG will be Shadow Realms, a PC RPG with a co-op twist. The company revealed the new game at the Gamescom ┬áconference yesterday in Cologne, Germany. In Shadow Realms four players will fight together through a dark fantasy world, united against a Shadow Lord who is also controlled by another player. Why […]
Skyrim Couch Co-Op

Couch Co-op For Skyrim? There’s a Mod in the Works

by Shawn Hopkinson July 3, 2014
Exploring Skyrim can be a beautiful, but lonely experience. Sure you’ve got followers and pets, but they’re more like pack mules and shields than other people. Some people feel that the loneliness adds to the beauty. But if you don’t, there’s a mod that will allow you to let a friend tag along. Couch Co-Op […]