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Civilization VI Rise And Fall Scotland Let’s Play

by Todd Blackon February 23, 2018
How do some of the new nations play in Civilization VI Rise and Fall? How useful is Scotland? For games like Civilization, they don’t skimp out on the updates or expansions, they go huge. So, for Civilization VI, when they revealed their content for Rise and Fall, players knew it would include a lot of […]

England Revealed and Detailed For Civilization VI

by Todd Blackon June 29, 2016
When Civilization VI was announced, the developer revealed that every nation was going to be upgraded to reflect the uniqueness and history of each place. Now,¬†Firaxis has begun doing posts about the countries people can choose from in the game. The first of these¬†posts, seen on the Civilization website, focuses on England first, which brings […]

Civilization VI Demo Video Arrives From E3

by Todd Blackon June 28, 2016
At E3, many a game was shown, both in trailers and in demos. Though overlooked in some ways, mainly because of the major announcements and reveals, Firaxis was there. With them, they brought Civilization, and as such, they showed off Civilization VI via a nice playthrough demo, showing players and sites what they could expect […]

Firaxis Donating Civilization V To High Schools

by Todd Blackon June 24, 2016
In a move dedicated to bettering education in schools, Firaxis is donating Civilization V to a non-profit organization that will retool the game to be put to good use in schools in the US and Canada.¬†Civilization has long been applauded for its use of history, culture, and historical figures in their titles. Going so far […]

All Of Civilization VI’s New Features In One Video

by Todd Blackon June 1, 2016
There is often a kind of information overload when a new game is announced. Mainly because between the fans wanting information, and the developer desiring to tell as much as they can without spoilers, there’s a lot to contend with. For Civilization, the need for information is paramount, as each new version brings its own […]

Gameplay Preview For Civilization VI

by Todd Blackon June 1, 2016
Upon the announcement of Civilization VI, many were wondering how it would look and play compared to previous Civilization games. Some were lucky enough to get a test of it after the announcement was made, and some were even able to record it. This near 30-minute gameplay preview shows Civilization VI and many of the […]

The Reveal Trailer For Civilization VI Get Analyzed!

by Todd Blackon June 1, 2016
What makes an announcement of a video game? Often, it is something that people see, whether it be a simple logo, artwork of the game, or in most cases, a trailer showing what the game will likely be like in the end. Often, game developers go all out and make sure the trailer is something […]

Firaxis Aiming For Balance And Choice In Civ VI

by Todd Blackon May 28, 2016
Throughout Civilizations titles, more and more gameplay elements are being revised and retooled to allow more fun gameplay and balancd decision making. This too applies to the upcoming Civilization VI. With Civ VI, the desire to make the gameplay feel balanced, all the while offering the chance to “course correct” was vital. Especially when considering […]

Automation and Builder Abilities Altered In Civilization VI

by Todd Blackon May 27, 2016
Much of what is being done in Civilization VI is attributed to making the game better, while also respecting its history. With Civilization VI, the focus is not only on the look, but how the game feels. For example, builders have been modified so that the actions they do happen instantly instead of over the […]

Firaxis Contemplating Putting Day-To-Night Cycles Into Civilization

by Todd Blackon May 26, 2016
Time is a key element of the Civilization games. As you advancing through the various stages of history dictate what technology you have and what you are able to do. However, aesthetically, the days and nights don’t change on screen. The only exception is through the Wonder movies. However, as Brian Busatti revealed to IGN, […]