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Watch Out For Witcher 3 Bug On Xbox One

by Peter Paltridgeon May 22, 2015
It may be debatable which version of Witcher 3 is superior, but we do know which one currently ranks at the bottom. Some players of the new action RPG on the XBox One platform have reported running into an evil glitch that corrupts save files. Most people are running into this glitch by leaving the […]

How To Avoid Pillars of Eternity’s Game-Breaking Bug

by Peter Paltridgeon March 30, 2015
Last Thursday Pillars of Eternity, the great Baldur’s Gate-like overhead action RPG of power, was released for computer gamers of all operating systems to play and enjoy. But…uh, don’t enjoy it TOO much, for the time being. A game-breaking bug has been discovered in PoE and developer Obsidian Entertainment is working quadruple overtime to get […]