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Release Date Revealed For Bravely Second

by Peter Paltridgeon January 19, 2016
Bravely Second: End Layer, Square-Enix’s sequel to Bravely Default, was confirmed for a North American release last year by Nintendo, who is publishing it here. Now as of today, we know when it’ll become purchasable: April 15. You’ll have a decision to make on that day: get the last copy of Bravely Second, or file […]

Yes, America Will Get Bravely Second

by Peter Paltridgeon June 1, 2015
Few JRPGs in recent memory have been fought over like the 3DS’s Bravely Default (Flying Fairy). This game became well-known in JRPG fan circles before it was localized as the only game Square-Enix had released in the last five years that came close to the output of their golden age. People demanded it for a […]