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Diablo III - Malthael

Should Diablo III Go Free-To-Play?

by Todd Blackon November 4, 2017
StarCraft II is going free-to-play, could Diablo III be next? Would it be something people are interested in? Diablo fans weren’t very happy this weekend, as BlizzCon came and went and their beloved franchise wasn’t given any spotlight. In fact, just about every other Blizzard franchise had one announcement or another. One of the biggest […]
Diablo III - Malthael

Blizzard Won’t Have Any Diablo Announcements At BlizzCon

by Todd Blackon September 29, 2017
Will there be any Diablo announcements at BlizzCon? Maybe for Diablo III or IV? Diablo fans are in a curious place right now. Diablo III is about to be getting its 12th season, new updates are still coming for it, and more. And yet, a vast majority of people aren’t content with Diablo III at […]