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The Elder Scrolls Online Emperor

The Elder Scrolls Online’s First Emperor Speaks

by Shawn Hopkinson May 5, 2014 has an interview with the first player to be crowned “Emperor” in the game, an impressive feat that requires dominating the Alliance War and the leaderboards, but at least you get a sweet set of custom armor. The first Emperor is Morkulth, an Altmer sorcerer from the Entropy Rising guild. Morkulth’s strategy for becoming […]
Alliance War Concept Art

Choose Your The Elder Scrolls Online Campaign Now

by Shawn Hopkinson March 28, 2014
Ahead of this weekend’s early access launch, Zenimax has released the names of the campaigns for The Elder Scrolls Online so players can make their picks and start planning early for the Alliance War PVP. It’s kind of like a late March Madness, but with siege weapons. Bloodthorn Scourge Chrysamere Auriel’s Bow Wabbajack Volendrung Skull […]