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Here’s Some Stuff You Can Buy in The Elder Scrolls Online With Real Money

by on March 10, 2015

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Crown Store won’t open for business until the game drops its subscription model March 17, but here are some previews of some items you’ll be able to spend real money on when it does.

The items pictured in the three images below are vanity items. Some of them are similar, but not necessarily exactly the same, as exclusive rewards that were given out for loyalty and special promotions. Note the Blackwood Monkey, which is so similar to the Imgakin Monkey that was given away to beta players the description makes note that it’s not the same.

The offerings include a lot of fancy mounts, pets and costumes. And then there’s the Lizard. A simple pet, simply named.




Vanity items won’t be the only things in the ESO store. Like other games that don’t require a subscription, it will offer convenience items through its Crown Store such as potions and soul gems. But it’s reassuring to see that it seems to be avoiding allowing players to buy high level, pay-to-win gear.

The transition to the new ESO, titled The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, beings March 17 for PC or if you’re a console player with the June 9 console release for Xbox One and PS4.

[Source: Reddit]

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