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Story Of Seasons Sequel Coming Here In 2017

by on June 7, 2016

A few days ago we reported Natsume’s announcement of a new Harvest Moon game for 3DS. We also pointed out that Natsume now develops its Harvest Moon games in-house, where previously they had them made by a third-party studio called Marvelous. Marvelous, in fact, still makes Harvest Moon games to this day…they just go by a different name now.

They’re called “Story of Seasons” these days, but contain the same gameplay and graphics, since no one owns the singular concept of a farming game. And now XSeed Games has announced they will be publishing the second Story of Seasons game (also for 3DS) in America this summer.

story of seasons

You know what to expect. Grow crops, feed animals, woo a mate and strategize your time so you can pull all of it off. Story of Seasons is a little bigger than Harvest Moon traditionally is, though. This game has three separate locations instead of one general area: a Western-styled village, a Japanese-styled village and a beach town. You pick where you set up shop and who you want as a mate.

XSeed also says there is going to be a Wi-Fi feature in the game, but what it does isn’t being revealed at the moment. Look for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns in 2017.

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