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Stardew Valley Confirmed For Switch

by on February 28, 2017

Ever since Stardew Valley was adapted for consoles people have been asking if a Switch version was in the works. Having a version of the game that could be made portable would make a big difference; it would make the gameplay more convenient — and more addictive. Today, during a special announcement in which 63 other indie titles were confirmed for Switch, Nintendo revealed Stardew Valley was one of them.

There’s more: the Switch version of the game will come with a brand-new multiplayer mode that’s been in development for some time. It will be added to the other versions eventually, but will appear first on Switch.

Now that Stardew Valley is portable, we expect civilization to grind to a halt as millions everywhere forsake their jobs and responsibilities in favor of walking around everywhere growing their virtual gardens and tending to their livestock. But we were doomed anyway; Stardew Valley is just speeding up the process.

Look for Stardew Valley on Switch this summer.

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