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Star Ocean 5 Gains Japanese Release Date

by on September 15, 2015

One of the many announcements made today at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference was a release date for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, or Star Ocean 5.

Japanese gamers can expect it February 25, 2016. Like most Star Ocean games, this one is a Playstation exclusive. The only two to break that rule have been #1 (which debuted on the Super Nintendo back when there wasn’t a Playstation) and #4, which showed up first on the XBox 360 before an expanded version made its way to Playstation 3.

Along with this announcement was the debut of a new trailer for the game. Everything looks gorgeously detailed except for the characters, who retain their superdeformed anime looks that the series has stuck with (good for them; those hyper-realistic Final Fantasy dudes are not to my taste). Gameplay looks to be the same, but there’s no sense in fixing what was never broken.

There is still no specified Western release date for Star Ocean 5, but Square has stated the game WILL make its way out of Japan eventually, sometime in 2016.

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