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What Square’s New Active Time Report Revealed

by on April 22, 2016

Square livestreamed its latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report during the wee hours of the morning. Most of the new information only concerned Japan, but Square did confirm more copies of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition would be produced.

Containing exclusive extras like a thick artbook and a giant Noctis figure, it was initially limited to just 30,000 copies. Preorders were made available on Square’s website just after their big FFXV presentation, and sold out extremely quickly. Square did not mention just how many copies of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition they intend to produce NOW, but hopefully more consumers will be given the chance to own one.

Other details of the new ATR: the mobile version of Justice Monsters 5, FFXV’s minigame, will be released next week on Japanese Android phones, with iOS and Windows 10 versions coming later. It’s worth noting the American and European release dates for Justice Monsters 5 are already listed as “April,” so this may be the street date for us as well.

There’s also now a release date for Kingsglaive, FFXV’s animated prequel movie. Japan will get the film in theaters July 9, 2016. There are no known plans to run the film in theaters here.

Finally, we have a date for the next Active Time Report: during E3. Given its close proximity at this time, not surprising.

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