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Square May Be Contemplating A “Kingdom Hearts 2.9”

by on September 9, 2015

The LinkedIn profile of a former Square Enix game designer inadvertently leaked out some previously unknown details about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. Now deleted, it mentioned the Gummi Ship would once again return, that multiplayer features may be planned, and that Square has been holding meetings to clear Pixar characters for use in the game. The profile also made mention of another title called “Kingdom Hearts 2.9” for release on both PS3 and PS4. It’s actually not the first time this name has turned up (it made a brief appearance on Square’s E3 schedule before being deleted there as well).

What exactly would constitute a “Kingdom Hearts 2.9”? Well, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 was a re-release of Kingdom Hearts 2 plus remakes of some of the handheld KH spinoffs. The one that was missing was Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, a 3DS exclusive. If they threw that one in, they could reissue 2.5 for a quick buck and call it 2.9. Of course no one really knows what it is yet.

The possible deeper meaning behind Kingdom Hearts 2.9 is that Kingdom Hearts 3 might take longer than Square is willing to admit, and they might be considering another re-release as a stopgap. We’ll let you know if any concrete information turns up.

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