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Square Invites You To Gamble On The Easter Surprise Box

by on March 11, 2016

In one of the more interesting bits of promotion we’ve come across, Square-Enix is offering what they claim is $80 worth of game material for just $10 — as long as you buy it sight unseen. They call it the Easter Surprise Box, and you have until March 20 to decide if you want to take the chance.

The mystery games are all for the PC and Square provides no hints whatsoever as to what they are. First you buy, then you find out on March 21. And your ten dollars are non-refundable. Start your guesses now; here’s a list of every game Square offers for the PC. Do the math and figure out which combinations total $80.

In case there are any games in this bundle you don’t actually want, Square is giving them out individually so you can gift them to another person. You’ve got a week to take the risk, and it can only be done through Square’s website.

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