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Square Enix Blinks, Shifts E3 Conference to 10 AM

by on May 15, 2015

The JRPG factory Square-Enix, one of the few remaining in the world, originally scheduled their big E3 conference for June 16th at 9 AM. This was, traditionally, the time and date that Nintendo usually scheduled their conference. What did Nintendo do? Make their usual schedule, on top of Square’s, and imply “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

After several days, Square finally responded today by moving their conference up one hour. Then they sheepishly gave Nintendo their lunch money.

Square has not revealed anything about what they intend to show at the conference, but this is the first time in many years that they even have one. Presumably something big is in the works, bigger than a “FFVII is downloadable with no graphical enhancements at all, but on a new platform!” announcement. You can only do that so many times.

When Square’s show goes live, you’ll be able to watch it on Twitch at www.Twitch.TV/SquareEnixPresents, or on YouTube at www.Youtube.com/SquareEnixPresents. For those not in a situation where they can play a video, Square’s Twitter will also update with the announcements as they happen.

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