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Spice Up Skyrim With Epic Gameplay Overhaul

by on March 31, 2014

Epic Gameplay Overhaul is a collection of mods by ApolloDown, all together in one package for convenience. The overall effect of the package on Skyrim is drastic.

The collection includes:

Dragon Combat Overhaul: This mod promises any dragon you encounter will be “a fearsome beast that will do anything it can to kill you,” by changing up the AI and giving the dragon’s new abilities.

Civil War Overhaul: This mod restores cut content from Skyrim’s civil war and adds consequences to how you do in battles. You can even lose the whole war.

Fire and Ice Overhaul: More natural and dynamic fire and ice effects.

Combat Drama Overhaul: Allows the user to make changes to the frequency of killcams and changes killcams to make the “drama of combat more fluid, more dynamic, and just plain better.”

Important Information Overhaul: Provides visual indicators for character statuses, such as “as your stamina gets lower, your vision will blur. As your magicka gets lower, the world will drain of color. As you health gets lower, the world will turn dark red and blur.”

The package also includes another mod to make these main mods work together. To try it out, go here and follow the instructions:


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