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Spend 15 Minutes Exploring Tamriel in This The Elder Scrolls Online Video

by on February 10, 2014

Many of the Elder Scrolls Online previews that are showing up focus on the combat or the gameplay or the quests, but in this delightful video from Dan Bull, the first priority is seeing as much as Tamriel as possible.

“One of the main reasons I love the Elder Scrolls games is the adventuring and exploring, so that’s what we’re going to do today,” Bull says before attempting to run from the northwest to the northeast of the map, ignoring quests and running away from crocodiles and other baddies. He doesn’t make it, but he finds a lot to see along the way.

“The thing that makes games special for me is the feeling of having a whole new world to explore,” Bull says in the video, and it’s likely a lot of Elder Scrolls gamers will agree.

Does The Elder Scrolls Online give enough of that feeling? If you aren’t in the beta or are waiting for the console version, you’ll be able to find out on your own soon enough.

The Elder Scrolls Online releases to the PC and Mac on April 4, 2014 and to the Xbox One and PS4 in June of 2014.




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