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A Song for Smithing as Skyrim Burns

by on January 24, 2014

For all of those who’ve felt the seductive call of the forge and the iron dagger, Redditor t4br1s recently uploaded an original song that might make you chuckle.

“Anvilporn (The Skyrim Smithing Song)” is  a lighthearted look at the absurdity of spending hours at a forge upgrading your smithing skill while dragons tear through the countryside and the whole of Skyrim calls out for a savior.

“The world of Skyrim’s really in trouble I can tell
there’s big ol’ dragons everywhere and as Dragonborn, I should help
Nobles, thieves, and mages all come knockin’ at my door
sayin’ lizards need killin’
but I’m good chillin’ by the forge”

That just screams for a funny YouTube video accompaniment.

Fair warning before you blast this in front of your grandma, there’s a little bit of adult language in the full song.

So take a break from your forge and check it out. But not too long. Those ingots won’t smith themselves.

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